Alcoholics Anonymous



Where: St Georges Anglican Church
Warncliffe Rd, Ivanhoe East
Victoria, Australia
(Near the corner of Warncliffe Rd and Lower Heidelberg Rd. Opposite 46 Warncliffe Road),
Time: 8:00pm Every Wednesday


The book that introduced the twelve steps of Alcoholics anonymous to the world has never appeared on any best seller list. Its authors will never appear on talk shows it is not advertised or promoted. And yet this book has, now in it’s fourth edition has sold over 23 million copies in English and is translated into 48 languages.


We are a group of Men, Women and sometimes children that come share our experience strength and hope with each other to solve our common problem of alcoholism.

The effect the meeting had on Dr Bob was immediate, as he tells it in his own words soon he too put down the bottle never to pick it up again. The bond formed between the two men would grow into a movement that would literally effect the lives of millions. Starting in an upstairs room at Dr Bob’s home, the two men began helping alcoholics’ one person at a time.

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